How To Take The Best Selfie at a Landmark

How To Take The Best Selfie at a Landmark


If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie at a landmark, you know how hard it can be. You find the perfect spot, put on your best outfit and then… nothing. Your face looks blurry, your hair ends up looking crazy or there’s some random person in the background that ruins everything.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these issues! Read on for some tips and tricks I’ve learned while taking selfies at landmarks around the world…

Choose a landmark with a good background.

A good landmark will have a distinctive shape and interesting details. A good background is also important. You can choose to take your selfie at night, but if you want to capture the beauty of your city, it’s best to do so during the day when there is plenty of natural light.

Use the self-timer on your phone or camera.

Using the self-timer on your phone or camera is a great way to avoid shake when taking selfies. It’s also a good idea to use it if you want to get in the picture with yourself. Just make sure that you position yourself well and don’t blink!

Look up so your face is in the shot.

If you want to take a selfie with your favorite landmark in the background, look up at it. This is important because it makes you look good and draws attention away from your face (which, let’s be honest, isn’t nearly as impressive as a landmark).

Look down at your camera or phone and snap away! If you’re taking pictures on an iPhone 7 Plus or Galaxy S8+, simply hold down on the shutter button until it takes several quick photos in rapid succession. You’ll see this mode called “Smart Burst,” but don’t worry about what that means–the important thing is that it will allow you to capture all kinds of candid moments without having any control over when they happen!

Wear something bright and colorful to draw attention to your outfit.

Wear something bright and colorful to draw attention to your outfit. You can also use props, like a hat or scarf, if you’re feeling bold. If you want to take the selfie game up another notch, download an app like Facetune or Perfect 365 that gives users the ability to add filters and edits to their photos before posting them on social media.

Take a video or picture with an item in the foreground, like flowers or a rock, for added depth and interest.

When taking a selfie, it’s important to make sure that the item in the foreground is in focus. If you’re taking a photo with flowers or rocks, don’t use your phone’s flash function–this will cause them to appear blurry and out of focus. Also avoid using the zoom feature on your phone; this will distort the image and make things look even blurrier than they already are.

Finally, don’t use a selfie stick! It’s all about framing here: if you have too much room on either side of yourself or if everything looks flat because there isn’t enough distance between yourself and what’s behind/in front of you (i.e., no depth), then try moving closer together so that things start looking more natural again; otherwise just take pictures without any props in them at all!

If you look for the right place and plan ahead when taking photos, you can get great selfies at landmarks!

If you look for the right place and plan ahead when taking photos, you can get great selfies at landmarks!

  • Look for a good background: If there are other people around, make sure they’re not in your shot. If there are trees or plants in the background, make sure they aren’t too big or tall; otherwise, they’ll be distracting from your face.
  • Take a self-timer: Self-timers allow you to set the timer so that when it goes off, the camera automatically takes pictures of yourself without having to hold down any buttons on the camera itself (or even touch it). This makes sure everyone looks their best–and also gives everyone else time to get into position before snapping away!
  • Look up: Many people don’t realize how important looking up can be when taking pictures; looking down makes us look tired while looking straight ahead shows off our cheekbones best! So try wearing bright colors while standing near flowers or rocks in order to add depth and interest into each photo taken outdoors with friends during summertime fun.”


There you have it! If you plan ahead and find the right place, you can take great selfies at landmarks. Just remember to wear bright colors that will stand out in the background, look up so your face is in the shot and use the self-timer on your phone or camera so there’s no need for a selfie stick.